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Client Testimonials

Car Accident Client

Sheldon Aronson was my attorney for a car accident I had a few years ago. He is very professional and honest and his staff was personable and efficient. I would recommend his services to friends and colleagues in need of a top notch attorney!" Liesa S.

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Auto Accident Client

I know Sheldon for 10 years, hired him 3 times and always happy to make a referral to anyone who is in trouble. Service is excellent, results always exceed the expectations. Sheldon is very honest and has highly ethical approach to client. He makes his job done. Thanks, Sheldon."Svitlana P.

Personal Injury Client

Sheldon Aronson is a well-respected attorney specializing in personal injury. Mr. Aronson and his staff are professional and very strong advocates. They are excellent at researching all the issues and details, and negotiating for the highest and best settlement for their clients. A great weight was lifted when I contacted Sheldon. I immediately knew that he would work on my behalf and with his legal wisdom, he exceeded my expectations"Pat B.

Car Accident Client

Perhaps it was the upscale and comfortable offices or the firm handshake, warm smile and eye contact but while attending my initial meeting with Sheldon I immediately felt at home. I soon learned that what Sheldon and his friendly staff had to offer was much greater than the sum of their parts. The attention to my case and the speedy outcome was actually a pleasant surprise. Sheldon is a plus, plus, plus to have on a case and he will always be my go to guy for my legal matters."Michele W.

Motorcycle Accident Client

I have known Sheldon for over 15 years. As a practicing CPA, I have, on occasion, had the need to refer my clients to Sheldon for his services. 3 years ago, it was my turn when I was t-boned by someone while riding my Harley on the Shriner's Toy Run. Sheldon and his staff were professional and thorough and took care of the entire process so I could stay focused on my healing and the rigorous demands of tax season. He kept me well informed and updated throughout the process. His compassion, ethics and empathetic manner are a breath of fresh air in a situation that can be filled with conflict. I am extremely pleased to recommend his services to anyone needing such assistance." Stephen B.

Personal Injury Client

Sheldon Aronson has restored and rejuvenated my concept of term "Lawyer". He is very personable, clear in his communication, follows through in each step, assess the big picture accurately, conveys that big picture as well as communicates the individual steps needed within the process, and always communicates any and all changes as the process continues.

I highly recommend Sheldon Aronson as an attorney for any personal injury case. He is completely reliable. He removed the difficulties involved in the task of a claim and made it very simple and easy for me to go through. He did all the work."Miles S.

Bicycle Accident Client

If you are looking for GREAT customer attention, KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE about the complex world of personal injury law, and, DEDICATION to getting the best outcome for your case, SHELDON ARONSON is the attorney to hire.

I had a bicycle accident and suffered some nasty injuries. Sheldon and his staff helped me from day one by taking control of the case, and lifting the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies so that I could concentrate on healing. I was kept informed of the process, and his friendly and knowledgeable staff, checked in with me as I recovered from my injuries, and Sheldon and his staff always got back to me with answers to my questions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sheldon's law firm. " Irene S.

Auto Collision Client

Sheldon came through for my wife and I at a time we needed it the most. My father was dying of cancer and we were on our way to the airport to pick up family coming from the Midwest when we were broadsided in a violent collision. Our car was totaled and we'd have likely not survived had it not been for safety belts and air bags. I conferred with several other attorneys, including a close long-time personal friend, before settling on Sheldon, because he is a specialist. We are SOOO glad we did! My wife and I were both badly banged up physically and emotionally and it took us many months to recover. Sheldon was genuinely compassionate and consumately professional through all of it and his staff is top-notch as well. The accident was not a no-brainer. There were an infinite number of tiny details and Sheldon was on top of it all. He did his homework and more. As a result, our settlement was larger than expected and it helped soothe the pain somewhat. We recommend Sheldon to anyone and everyone who needs a lawyer because we've experienced first-hand his integrity, experience, knowledge and friendliness. We'll NEVER forget the fabulous job Sheldon did of representing us at a very trying time in our life. I hope we don't need an attorney again, but if we do, we've got an ace in the hole thanks to Sheldon Aronson. " John R.

Serious Car Accident Client

I was in a very serious motor vehicle accident resulting in which both cars were totaled, no injuries to the at-fault driver, and two fractured vertebrae and ultimately the loss of an eye for me. Initially I felt that I could negotiate a settlement on my own, primarily because I felt that utilizing an attorney was something only vindictive people did, and that's just not "me". After dealing with the other driver's insurance company to settle on the value of my car - a car that I had modified, won awards for at car shows, and had records for everything done to the car and its condition - I quickly realized that I was not emotionally equipped to go through that process as it related to my health. Sheldon came highly recommended by a friend, and within minutes of meeting him, I knew that Sheldon was going to be wonderful to work with. Sheldon is personable, compassionate, empathetic and very professional. He provided me with great advice throughout the eight months of ongoing surgeries and medical procedures, and the ability to focus solely on my recovery without worrying about how I would finalize things with the other driver's insurance company. While he was removing all worry from me, he was aggressively managing my claim with the insurance claims rep. Although I don't wish for anyone to experience a situation like mine that creates a need for Sheldon's service, I certainly recommend him without hesitation. I also realize that should I ever be involved in an accident again, I will engage Sheldon from the very start. I think it is also worth noting that he has checked-in with me post-settlement just to make sure things are going well." Karen S.

Rear End Car Accident Client

I want to start by saying how well I've been treated by everyone at Sheldon Aronson's firm. I had 4 back surgeries prior to coming to their office from unrelated matters. Because of this, after being rear-ended, the first attorney i contacted (who was suggested by a well-trusted doctor) stated that he did not want to take on my case on because it was too complicated. Luckily, that attorney referred me to Sheldon. He started by easing my mind, letting me know that my case, although complicated, was something that he could in fact handle, and that he would be happy to do so. From there, he, Amy, and the rest of the staff at his office were helpful, friendly, and caring. I received calls to keep me updated at every step of the way, and calls to check in on my well-being, also to make sure I was getting everything I needed from their office and regarding my health care and recovery. Unfortunately, I was rear-ended again about 6 months later on my way to treatment for the 1st accident making what I had previously been told was "too complicated" of a case by another attorney even more complicated. Sheldon and Amy came to my rescue again, taking on my 2nd case without complaint or hassle. They sorted through everything, making sure everything was as simple for me to deal with as possible. With all the components in play there were many things to be discussed, several insurance companies, and multiple doctors & clinics to deal with. Meetings and appointments were always fitted to my schedule as best as possible and I never felt like I was alone through any of it. In fact, I think Amy sounded happier to talk to me every time we spoke than just about any person I've ever made a phone call to or gotten one from :) Both of my cases are now finally coming to an end and I couldn't have asked for better representation. Going through a car accident isn't something any of us want to go through, and the mess after can be a bigger mess than the one left behind on the road. Having people I could trust, that are knowledgable, and not afraid of a challenge when others were is irreplaceable. I hope to not have to go through anything like this again, but if I do have the misfortune, I will without a doubt turn to Sheldon and his team again. Thank you Sheldon, Amy, Wendy, and all other staff for your help & caring! And thank you to that other attorney for referring me to them ;)" Teera W.

Car Accident Client

After getting rear ended twice about six months apart and having numerous car insurance companies calling me trying to get me to sign this, that or the other and to settle my claims when all I wanted my body to do was heal my body I wasn't sure what to do with or who I was supposed to listen to. I'd never been in this boat before and felt really overwhelmed. At the time a few of my practitioners gave me the suggestion of seeing a lawyer to have them handle the cases. This is when I learned of Sheldon Aronson and I am so thankful that I did. After my first meeting with Sheldon I felt I was in good hands. He was an honest and approachable man who was very calming. I stopped getting phone calls and numerous emails from all of the insurance companies. I got to focus on taking care of my body and allowing myself to heal. Sheldon's assistant Amy was always there for me to e-mail and even Sheldon himself was very easily reached. Near the end of my cases after I was released from medical care Sheldon kept me up to date on what was happening with my cases so I never felt out of the loop. I felt he and his staff were very honest and upfront about everything going on.I am very thankful for Sheldon and his staff. Without them I would not have been able to receive the amount of care I had and get the settlement I received. I honestly didn't even think about receiving a heck at the end -- I just wanted my body back. If you told me at the start that I would receive the amount of money I did I would have laughed at you. Sheldon knows what he is doing.

In the end, I hope to never need his services again (nothing against him of course!) but in the case that I do, without a doubt I would hire Sheldon Aronson again. Car accidents are scary and stressful, allowing him to take care of it all was the best choice I ever made. Thanks Sheldon, Amy and the rest of the staff! " Wyatt D.

Serious Auto Accident Injury Client

If you get into an accident that wasn't your fault, even if you don't think you can be entitled to a claim, call Sheldon Aronson! His office was referred to me by my brother-in-law, who is a practicing attorney in South Florida.

What a wonderful team of professionals. Sheldon and his staff (especially his assistant Amy) really took care of my wife and I. Once he even called me from an international trip to check in. Such great, caring and kind people.

They were very patient and accommodating throughout the entire experience. It's also worth noting how thorough they were, explaining everything and making sure we understood the entire claim process. One important tip to remember is that PATIENCE PAYS OFF. Listen to what Sheldon says and do what he tells you to do because he knows what he's doing! He's an absolute professional. All told, it took a little more than a year to finally settle. It's different for every case but it's very important to be patient because it WILL pay off in the end if you follow all his instructions and let him do his job.

My wife and I were involved in a pretty serious accident. Both of us had several injuries and we were in pain for a while. Sheldon handled our cases separately and he was able to negotiate a settlement for much more than I had ever imagined. Even my brother-in-law attorney was shocked at the results.

Don't bother looking elsewhere. Sheldon Aronson is a reputable, experienced and professional lawyer who will absolutely do everything he can to get you the best settlement possible. Highly recommended. " John L.